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This is a service provided as part of TrainWatch. It provides details about the UK Rail Network useful for Commuters & Regular Travellers.

Things are changing...

I'm in the middle of moving stuff off the old server to a new pair which should provide the ability to generate statistics in real time.

You'll see these changes appear incrementally over time.

First up is the UK Timetable, which is in the nav bar above. This is still a work in progress and is currently not using the current data, so is not showing things like recent or short term planning timetable changes etc.

If you find any bugs please report them under issue on github (the Software link above). You'll also find the current sources for the new backend appearing there, all Open Sources and released under the Apache2 License.

Featured Articles

WeGetTheMessage the new non-emergency 61016 Text service from British Transport Police Launched on March 6 2013

Excuses The ever growing list of Rail Excuses

FareDodgerExcuses A list of excuses used by Fare Dodger's on why they won't pay

Badger on the line Where a badger hole brought trains to a halt

National Conditions of Carriage The general rules passengers have to abide to outside of the Byelaws whilst on the UK rail network

General Safety Advice when travelling on the Rail Network

Bicycle Policy of rail companies in the South East

Season Ticket Conditions of local rail companies

Revenue Protection Officer, covers what an RPO/REO can do

Digital Unstaffed Network Communications Equipment the technical name for the @SE_Railway twitter account.

Twitter lists the known hashtags and accounts on twitter for the various Train Operating Companies.

Fix My Transport is a website built built by the mySociety charity to help people get common public transport problems resolved. It is targeted specifically at smaller problems such as persistently broken ticket machines, buses that always leave early, or silly rules that appear to do nothing but create inconvenience for travellers.

Phantom International is the primary fictional rail station located just outside London Bridge station on the South Eastern Main Line operated by Southeastern.

Delay Repay is a scheme operated by the majority of the 'newer' Train Operating Companies which is supposed to compensate anyone for being delayed on the rail network.The details vary from company to company with some being more generous than others.

External Links

Commuting websites listing various commuting websites

Trainwatch main site containing the latest news for commuters

Trainwatch Forums forums for general discussion

Trainwatch software The software behind TrainWatch

What this site contains

Pages/articles covering any of the following topics:

  • Railway Stations, Facilities etc
  • Train Operating Companies operating within the area
  • specific commuting routes
  • Rail user groups
  • Individual stories of commuting hell, joy (if any)
  • Technical documentation (e.g. some rest api's I make publically available)