This list of Excuses are those made by train crew usually to their employers rather than to the public.

These are rare so they generally cover non-UK railways.

Excuses to Lay Off

In the US Lay Off is to take some time off (I think)

  • I have to lay off-my sister just got hit by an airplane![1]
  • I'm dead for 24 hours! - An engineer notified the caller months in advance that he would have to be off for his daugher's wedding. When the day came he was told that he could not, as there was no one to cover his job. A few hard words followed, especially since he had given the railroad plenty of notice. Finally he asked the caller, "What would you do if I was dead?" The caller replied, "we would have to find someone else." "Fine," said the engineer, "mark me off dead for 24 hours!" And that is what they did!


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