Public Performance Measure

The Public Performance Measure for Sunday 2017 September 10

Operator PPM Rolling
Run On Time Late Canc/VLate


  • Public Performance Measure (PPM) is calculated as the number of trains on time divided by the total train run.
  • The Rolling PPM is the PPM over the last 24 hours, whilst the PPM is for today.
  • A train is on time if it arrives at it's destination within 5 minutes (10 for long distance) of the timetable.
  • A train is late if it's not on time and not delayed by 30 minutes or more.
  • Canc/VLate is the number of trains either cancelled or delayed by 30 minutes or more. These trains are not included in the run total.
  • The data covers a Rail Day. A rail day starts at 0200 UK time - GMT or BST in the summer.
  • This data is direct from Network Rail's Open Data platform and is updated once every minute.
  • If the date being shown is the current Rail Day then the figures will cover the time from 02:00 up to the current time only.
  • Data can be incomplete due to downtime upstream. So if the system was unavailable at the end of the day then the data can be incomplete.