UK Rail Departure Boards for the command line is a console-oriented service for displaying
the departure boards for UK railway stations
using terminal-oriented ANSI sequences for
console HTTP client (curl, wget etc)
or HTML for web browsers.

To use this service:
curl where crs is the 3 letter CRS code for a station.

Note: with wget try running it with: 
wget -q -O -
For example:

curl For London Charing Cross
curl For Charing Cross (Glasgow)
curl For London Bridge
curl For Maidstone East

If you do not know the code then use:
curl where name is the place name.

For example:


All values of crs or search strings are case insensitive.

You can also browse the station index to get the CRS code:
Will return a list sub pages you can use to find a station
as all 3073 stations are available.